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1964 Gibson ES-175 with the Original Case

$4,000.00 / On Sale

Here is a rare beauty!

A 1964 Gibson ES-175 with original case!! She's in good shape with the original Pat number pickups!! The tone is super smooth and plays like butter. The neck is fantastic! Not a mid 60's toothpick but nice and wide with a little bit of meat but not like a 50's neck. The "D" string gear is bent but still works. There are no cracks! This guitar has been seriously played over the last 60 years. This is not a guitar for the customer who wants a perfectly mint 175. It has been refretted with Gibson size frets and weighs exactly 7 lbs. There is wear and capo marks on the back of the neck and little scratches and nicks all over the guitar. However, there is nothing structurally wrong in any way. This is a fantastic guitar for a player!!! It's not just for Jazz but currently it has a ebony bridge and flat wound 12's with a wound "G". If you want to play some blues, we can but on a tune-o-matic and this baby would scream!! If you have any questions please let us know.