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USED! Excellent Alessandro Crossbred Combo Guitar Amplifier!


Very Clean Amp, no signs of wear!


Alessandro’s Crossbred series of amps are hand-built, boutique-quality amps at affordable prices. The logical evolution from George’s “Working Dog” line, these are a lot of amp for the money, and are impressive in every aspect.

The Crossbred Mutt is an extremely straight-up amp, built as a robust and uncompromising platform, with the aim Alessandro Crossbred Muttof sounding great at any setting – and requiring little-to-no fuss to get there.

Says George Alessandro: “The Crossbred series is entirely my own design, but sonically inspired and designed to fill the needs of vintage blackface and tweed Fenders, Marshalls and Voxes – and also Trainwrecks, which are basically Vox and Marshall again. It was to be a grab-and-go, versatile amp for working musicians, but ended up exceeding my expectations.”

The controls are simple: volume, reverb, treble, middle, bass and final output power (a voltage-reduction control rather than master volume), and there’s a jangly/creamy switch to re-voice it all at the front end. Approximately 40 watts of power comes from a pair of 6L6/5881 tubes in fixed-bias Class AB1, while two 12AX7s and one 12AT7 drive the preamp, reverb and phase inverter. Rectification comes from solid-state diodes.
Alessandro Crossbred Mutt

Controls – Volume, reverb, treble, middle, bass, final output power (5%-100% power); creamy/jangly switch; standby switch; on-off switch
Output – 40 watts
Tubes – 2x 12AX7s, 1x 12AT7, 2x 6L6/5881; solid-state rectification
Features – Dual speaker outs with switch for 4/8/16 ohms
Speaker Cab – Open-back 1×12” cabinet with Alessandro-designed AHEP Neo speaker, manufactured by Eminence)