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Used! Late 1945, early 1946 Epiphone Emperior Archtop Guitar With Molded Case!


What a treat! This is a late 1945, early 1946 Epiphone Emperior archtop guitar that comes with case. This guitar is in great shape for its age aside from a small repaired crack on the seam. We needed to repair the binding on the neck treble side. We spliced and added a new piece of binding starting at the 14 fret going to the end of the fingerboard (just past the 20th fret). The Tailpiece is original and has a little tear where most of these tailpieces have this issue. The owner our Shoppe has owned this guitar for several decades and the tear in the tailpiece has not moved. This guitar will include (in the case) an after market tailpiece for peace of mind. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Frets also have been replaced, making the guitar play like a dream..