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Vintage 1975 Guild F-50R Acoustic Guitar With Case!



That's what this 1975 Guild F50R does when you strike the open G chord!! Like most great vintage guitars, their look, tone and feel are ingredients for inspiration and all together can also be the best tool for a time machine!! Oh yeah!
This Guild is in very good shape. It's got some dings and scratches but all around it's in very good shape for being 40+ years old and been actually played during that time. There are no cracks on this baby. The bridge (not saddle) has been shaved from the top to give a better string angle off the saddle. The action is nice and low and plays like butter. This guitar was refretted with the same size frets and have no wear to them. She weighs 5.7 lbs. If you have any questions please let us know.